Plates & Catering Crockery

Klaremont offers both classic and modern ranges of catering crockery. We have also helped many of our partners to find customised crockery to suit their unique requirements. Our ranges include Porcelite vitrified hotelware, recognised throughout the hospitality industry for its quality and performance.

Catering Crockery from Klaremont
  • Round Plates
    Round Plates
  • Square Plates
    Square Plates
  • Rectangular Plates & Trays
    Rectangular Plates & Trays
  • Oblong Plates & Trays
    Oblong Plates & Trays
  • Oval Plates
    Oval Plates
  • Pizza Plates
    Pizza Plates
  • Bowl Plates ( Pasta & Soup )
    Bowl Plates ( Pasta & Soup )
  • Triangle Plates
    Triangle Plates