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Feature: Terinex Oven Bags

Terrinex oven bags from Klaremont. The revolutionary way of cooking

Andrew Turner becomes Ambassador for multi-purpose Oven Bags.

Terinex is pleased to announce it's collaboration with Andrew Turner, Celebrity Chef and the new Executive Head Chef at the Cafe Royal, Regent Street, London which re-opened in June 2012. Click here for more information.

Oven bags were developed in the 1960’s and are now recognised as being the authority on all types of polyester oven bags and are used by many of the world’s leading supermarkets, caterers, bakeries, airlines and food processors around the world.

Oven bags are the ideal, contemporary and clean method of cooking different food in the oven. The bags are developed using a polyester based film, specifically for modern cooking applications. The food self bastes as the juices circulate in the bag locking in flavour and keeping the food succulent. Oven bags can be safely used in the oven up to 200 degrees C and are available in a range of sizes, perfect for everything from chicken breasts to large roasting joints.

Oven bags seal in flavour and goodness as you cook virtually any food in a conventional or microwave oven. There are many reasons for using oven bags - we’ve listed our favourites below:
  • Taste– Moist, full-flavoured meat; fresh, tasty vegetables; and even scrumptious homemade bread. All your cooking will benefit from the use of oven bags.
  • Reduce mess – Lock in the flavour and the mess keeping the oven clean
  • Save energy – Cooking times reduced by up to 10%
  • Versatility – oven bags can be used in the oven, microwave or freezer
  • Healthier cooking – no added oil or fat required
  • No basting required – meat cooked in an oven bag self bastes and stays succulent and moist. Forget those dry and dreary roasts!
  • Convenience - bag stays clear making it easy to check cooking progress
  • Reduce washing up – By cooking all your meat and vegetables in a bag you can reduce washing up, leaving you with plenty of time to put your feet up and relax
  • Experiment – try different combinations of seasoning and spices, gravies and marinades. Oven bags intensify flavours for delicious meals.

 Oven bags Klaremont currently stock three different sizes of the oven bags:

102423: 45cm x 55cm - Click here to view product detail page

102422: 35cm x 43cm - Click here to view product detail page

102421: 25cm x 38cm - Click here to view product detail page

To find out more about our range of Terrinex oven bag products, request a visit from one of our account managers here, or give us a call on 020 8971 2012.

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