Stemmed Glassware for Wine

At Klaremont, we supply Wine Glasses for all budgets and situations, from the most sumptuous crystal, to toughened glasses designed to reduce breakages and costs in the most demanding environments.

Our range includes glasses suitable for all wines. 

For red wine, round and wide bowled wine glasses increase the rate of oxidation, helping to smooth out the complex flavours, maximising enjoyment.

White wine glasses can vary greatly, accenting the the individual characteristics of each style.   Full flavoured whites such as Chardonnay lend themselves to wide mouthed glasses, where a slight oxidation is beneficial.   Light and fresh styles however do not benefit from oxidation, as the delicate nuances would be masked. The ideal glass for these more delicate white wine styles generally has a smaller mouth which in turn means a smaller surface area is presented, helping to reduce the unwanted oxidation.

At Klaremont we pride ourselves on our range of glass styles from classic to modern,  and are always looking for new styles to bring to the UK, please contact us if you require any more information, or are looking for something that you do not see here.