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At Klaremont we are always working to help our customers improve their businesses. These guides bring together the experiences of successful professionals in the hospitality industry. We hope that by sharing their experiences here, others will be able to save time, money, and avoid the industry's common pitfalls.

Mustard catering, professional catering in South London
  Catering equipment hire from Gorgeous Gourmet
  Capital Sound, professional sounds equipment hire for events, tours and concerts
Professional Caterer: Mustard Catering in South London provide a first class service across the UK.
  Catering Equipment Hire: High quality catering equipment hire from Gorgeous Gourmet.
  Capital Sound: Make sure your venue or event makes the most of professional sound equipment.
  Music in Venues: Enhance your venue by playing the right music for your audience.

personalised products

   restaurant marketing plans    Johan Svensson Cocktail Bar Guide
   Barware Basics guide
Personalised Products: Find out how to make branded products an integrated part of your marketing strategy.

  Restaurant Marketing Plans: Start developing your own marketing plan in this guide from Baz Rothwell.

  Cocktail Bar: Cocktail expert shares some of his secrets and advice for opening and developing a cocktail bar.

  Barware Basics: Learn about the main tools of bartending - muddlers, strainers, mixing spoons, and pourers.

the pilgrim kennington

seasonal cocktails

Local Pub: Find out more about what you can expect when you take over a pub at an existing location

Seasonal Cocktail Menus: Improve your customer experience with this tested technique.

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