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Featured Product: Pillar Candles

"Mix and match Pillar Candles from Klaremont's unbeatable range to create a unique atmosphere that will lure the passing customers like moths to a flame!"

high quality pillar candles from klaremont

Ivory Pillar Candles are one of our most popular styles and it is not hard to see why. Classic and timeless they can serve as a beautiful focal point or as a stylish backdrop...elegant in their simplicity

With over 20 sizes of  Ivory Pillar Candle, and a dozen other colours available, you can create any atmosphere imaginable.

Klaremont candles are made from only the highest quality ingredients ensuring the lifespan and burning time are always as long as possible.

For more information about Pillar Candles, please contact one of our specialists.


Here are some of our most popular Pillar Candles, to find out more, please click on the image to go directly to the product detail page.
Call our sales team to find out about other sizes and colours, including red, black and gold.

   pillar candle from klaremont 6 x 4cm

 pillar candle from klaremont 10 x 8cm pillar candle from klaremont 13 x 6cm pillar candle from klaremont 15 x 8cm pillar candle from klaremont 20 x 7cm pillar candle from klaremont 25 x 8cm

6 x 4cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 62555

10 x 8cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 101757

13 x 6cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 62679

15 x 8cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 69294

20 x 7cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 51189

25 x 8cm Pillar Candle

CODE: 64122

Why not add a touch of colour with our fantastic rustic pillar candles:

rustic pillar candles from Klaremont

19cmh x 7cmd Rustic Effect Pillar Candles Assorted Colours

Product Code: 101568

Rustic Effect Pillar Candles

  • Height 19cm
  • Diameter 6.8cm
  • Unscented Candles
  • Colours: Purple, Fuchia, Taupe, Dark Brown & Anthracite
  • 3 Candles of Each Colour
  • Made From Wax
  • Burn Time approx 65 hours
  • Total Pack of 15 Candles
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Or if a naked flame is a no-no for your venue, you need to check out these new magic 'Minuet' Pillar Candles from Ikova:

minuet candles from Ikova ambient lighting 

Minuet battery powered pillar candles from Ikova

Minuet candles by Luminara are the latest fashion in the candle industry. These battery powered pillar candles work using patented flame effect technology, which employs a combination of electromagnetics and highly focused LED lights to create the illusion of a living, dancing flame on top of the candle.

  • Made from real wax
  • They use 2 x D batteries
  • All candles will last for up to 200 hours
  • On, Off & 5 Hours Timer Options
  • Available in red, green and ivory
  • Choose between 14cm, 18.5cm and 23cm
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This year Klaremont continues to add to its already extensive offering of products, in response to what our customers demand. The latest additions are these fantasticPillar Candles, which are meade from 100% real wax. These are great value, to find out more about our Pillar Candles, reqest a visit from one of our account managers here, or give us a call on 020 89712012.

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Pillar candles from Klaremont are made from real wax and are extremely high quality in comparison to standard pillar candles. Klaremont offer a wide range of pillar candles for various occaions and we are certain that we stock pillar candles that will suit you and your venue. Create a fantastic ambient atmosphere with pillar candles from Klaremont, available in various colours and sizes. klaremont also stock a range of stylish rustic effect high quality pillar candles in a variety of colours. Klaremont ensure that all Pillar Candles are manufactured to the highest standards and made using only the finest high quality ingredients. If you are looking for an altermative to wax candles, Klaremont feature brand new rechargeable and battery powered candles from ikova Ambient Lighting. If you are looking for a safe alternative to wax candles then ikova stock many varieties of battery powered and rechargeable electric candles. Minuet candles from ikova have a magic flickering flame effect and are perfect for places that you don't want to use a naked flame. For more information visit www.ikova.com