Make The Most Of Your Drinks, With Open Up Glasses and Decanter from Chef & Sommelier

Open Up glassware

The Open Up range from Chef and Sommelier makes the best of your wines, allowing higher profit margins and increased customer satisfaction.Each glass is uniquely designed to match a style of drink, perfectly complementing and enhancing the flavours for the ultimate tasting experience. Winner of numerous design and industry awards, the Open Up range also offers other innovations that make them easier and more cost effective to maintain.

The widest point of each glass is at the optimal serving size, and this wide surface area encourages oxygenation, while the unique bowl design also features an inwardly curved rim that concentrates the aromas. The flat, stable bases prevent water gathering when upturned in dishwashers, and the use of Kwarx ensures strength and sparkle is maintained long into the future. Combine all this, and you get a glass that tastes like it costs much more, and practical benefits too!

For more information about our Open Up range, please contact our sales team on: 0330 123 9191, or Contact Us to arrange a visit from one of our representatives.

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