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Welcome to our website. Listed below are just a few helpful guidelines for using our website. Below are the main categories of the site, please click on a link to view products

Barware BARWARE Candles CANDLES Disposables DISPOSABLES Drinkware DRINKWARE Hygiene HYGIENE Kitchen KITCHEN Signs and safety SIGNS & SAFETY tabletop TABLETOP tableware

Home page link:

You can get back to our home page at any time by clicking on the Klaremont logo which appears on the top left-hand side of the screen.

Navigation bar:

The names on the navigation bar near the top of the screen directly under the Klaremont logo are the  categories of our product portfolio. Hovering over one of these names then provides you with a drop-down menu with further categories within that main section. Clicking on one of these names will take you to a new page that contains all sections and products included within it. The menu on the left hand side of the screen gives you a list of all categories within the main category you are viewing and also displays links to any further helpful information.

Search box:

The search box is always on the top right-hand side of the screen. You can search by product name or code. Our Search engine works by checking your search term against all the product titles and product codes currently on the website. It then shows products on the page that may match your query. You can filter your results by using the filter tabs which appear on the search results page. You will get most precise results by searching for a product code, which you may have obtained from one of our catalogues.

Add to quote button:

When viewing any of our products you will see a ADD TO QUOTE button. By clicking this button you will be able to create a list in your account of all the products you would like our sales team to send you an up to date quote for your product list. When you have completed adding products to your list, simply click on the Quote Request button on the very top menu of our website and send us your list. One of our sales representatives will contact you to assist you with your request. You may remove items in your list using the Quote Request link in your account. Please note you will need to have registered as a member on our website in order to send us your quote request.