Featured product: Seamless Yarai Mixing Glass

Japanese lipped mixing glass from Klaremont

The iconic Japanese Mixing Glass, or 'Yarai' Mixing Glass originated from the innovative Tokyo cocktail scene, and is a triumph of beauty and practicality.

The name "Yarai" derives from the traditional Japanese term for the weave-pattern, which also acts to improve the grip on the glass.

The Yarai Mixing Glass accommodates a julep strainer perfectly, while the lip makes it easy to pour. When chilled, the thick glass ensures that these classic cocktails are kept cold as possible.

The weighted heavy base ensures excellent stability, stopping the glass from sliding around or tipping while being stirred, and allowing two glasses to be mixed at the same time without risk of spillage.

In addition, the glass is large enough to hold two, or even four drinks at once.

  • Weighted Base
  • Lipped design
  • Seamless construction minimises breakages
  • Yarai weave pattern enhances grip
  • Stays colder for longer
  • 65cl

A cult item, and a must have for any serious bar, perfect for making classic cocktails such as Martinis and Manhattans.

The seamless design is available in the UK from Klaremont, so you no longer have to travel the world. Accept no imitations!

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