Featured Products

At Klaremont we routinely feature exciting and innovative products on our website. Have a look below at some of the products we have recently featured.

Pillar candle from Klaremont
  Japanese yarai mixing glass
  Multi purpose candle holders from Klaremont
  multi purpose oven bags from Terinex
A great range of pillar candles from Rustic candles to battery powered Minuets
  Stylish Japanese 'Yarai' Mixing Glass, perfect for cocktail mixing

  Multi purpose clear glass candle holders - to fit a range of different candles

  Multi purpose oven bags as used by celebrity chef Andrew Turner

Tiki products from Klaremont
  Celebrate this years events with British themed products frmo Klaremont
  Day Dot food processing labels from klaremont
  high quality pillar candles from klaremont
A new and exclusive range of products inspired by Polynesian carvings
  Celebrate this years up and coming events with British themed products
  High quality food processing labels for safe & efficient food rotation
  Lure your customers with  high quality elegant pillar candles for all occasions

Ikova Ambient lighting at Hotelympia 2012
  Barliner black magic mesh bar mats
Recycled Napkins from Klaremont

Ikova ambient lighting at Hotelympia 2012, London Docklands

  New economical Barliner mesh shelf mats, non slip and safe.
  Help the environment with our 100% Recycled napkins from Klaremont.

  Bamboo picks and Skewers, perfect for cocktails, canapes and much more!

  Mulled Wine Kettle from Klaremont   Boutique Beer Glasses from Klaremont   Donizetti Cutlery
New high quality Tapered
Pourers, 25% cheaper than
the original price.

  Spice up your Winter with our 10 litre Soup Kettle for Mulled Wine   Upsell your beers with our 2/3rd Specialty Pint Glasses
  Donizetti Cutlery: View this fantastic offer on our new range of Donizetti Cutlery

fry basket
  Kisag Hand Blenders
  BluE Take Away Containers
  BluE Richlite Boards
The Presentation Range:
Creative Serving options
from Parablue

  Kisag Hand Blenders:
Find out more about this
exceptional kitchen equipment.

  Eco-friendly take away
containers made from
sustainable non-wood fibres

  BluE Richlite Boards: Stylish
and eco-friendly chopping
boards that look great!

The Ultimate Pint
The Ultimate Pint features the
latest in glass technology, and an emphasis on safety