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The Ultimate Pint Glass

When we saw it in action at the Design Council in London, we were really impressed. Now, we are delighted to offer you the Ultimate Pint Glass – a brand new take on the traditional British pint glass that incorporates impressive new technologies. With its sleek design, the Ultimate Pint Glass is turning heads in establishments across the UK and on ITV's Daybreak.

drinking buddies and the ultimate pint glass


The pint glass is a British institution. Unfortunately in recent years it has been threatened by a staggering rise in alcohol related violence. With an estimated 5,500 glassings each year contributing significantly to the cost of alcohol related harm, the Ultimate Pint Glass is the industry's response to a challenge from the UK Government to make drinking venues safer environments.

profile plusTechnology

The Ultimate Pint Glass uses Profile Plus technology, which incorporates two key manufacturing techniques: Stress Fracture Management and Fully Tempered glass. Together, these provide an experience that is not only safer, but also superior to the traditional pint glass.


Stress Fracture ManagementSFM or Stress Fracture Management is the key to making the Ultimate Pint Glass safe. The designers studied the way that glasses are used in fights and created a glass where the base is designed to fragment when struck – causing it to fall out of the hand and prevent it from being used as a weapon. This technology gives the Ultimate Pint Glass its unique, curved base.

Fully Tempered The Ultimate Pint Glass is fully tempered from rim to rim. Fully tempered glass ensures increased resistance to both thermal and mechanical shocks. The Ultimate Pint Glass can last for 10-15 times longer than normal glassware, meaning that in most cases the extra cost of tempered glass will pay for itself in no time. head booster

A pint is a thing of beauty, and with its gentle curves and Head Booster technology, the Ultimate Pint Glass is one of the best looking pints around. Head Booster uses designs etched into the base of the glass to creates a constant stream of bubbles, promoting a consistent, attractive head.


consistent head

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the ultimate pint glass

Glass Safety: Facts & Figures

  • Cost of alcohol related harm in the UK: £2.7 billion
  • Incidents of alcohol related violence each year: 973,000
  • Number of glassings annually: 5,500
  • Percentage of bar staff who have suffered accidental glass-related injury: 40%

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