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Kisag Handheld Blender

Experienced catering professionals know that their kitchens can be demanding environments, especially when it comes to equipment. That's why Klaremont is pleased to offer our partners in the catering industry the Kisag range of high-quality hand-held blenders. These multi-purpose blenders are designed to meet the needs of professionals in restaurants, large kitchens, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, and other catering establishments with demands beyond the typical home kitchen.

kisag blenders have ergonomic handles

Ergonomic Design

Working in a large, busy kitchen can place you under physical stress. That's why it is important that professional kitchen equipment is designed with extra care. You will appreciate the unique design of the handle, which makes even prolonged use comfortable. Kisag hand-held blenders are easy to operate in any position, and have an extra long cable making them easy for you to use in a large kitchen.


Professional kitchens require professional performance. Kisag blenders feature high-performance motors designed for continuous use. The blenders use lag-free direct power, and have easily selectable, two speed operation and giving you tight control over their operation.

kisag blenders have ergonomic handles


Keeping your customers safe and you work environment clean should always be a top priority. Kisag stick blenders make this easier by utilising a sealed shaft which prevents liquid from entering and building up in the drive shaft. You will find them easy to clean under a running tap. In addition, the handle design will stop them from rolling off your work surface and ending up on the floor.


Investing in new equipment can be a tough decision. Kisag stick blenders are made with high quality Swiss engineering, and are CE Certified. They also come with a commercial warranty, so you can be confident of your decision.

At Klaremont, we are always trying to find useful and innovative products to help our customers.

10 Reasons you'll love Kisag Blenders

  1. High Performance Motor
  2. Selectable 2 Speed Gear Box
  3. Ergonomic Handle Design
  4. Heat Resistant Handle (220ºC)
  5. Long Cable
  6. Sealed Shaft
  7. Stainless Steel Construction
  8. Can Be Operated With One Hand
  9. CE Certified
  10. Two Year Commercial Warranty

These Kisag Blenders are available from Klaremont: