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Promotion: Donizetti Cutlery

We have recently introduced the magnificent Donizetti range of cutlery, which forms a part of the Sant Andrea collect from Oneida. Sant Andrea is an Italian inspired range of formal cutlery used in 4 and 5 star venues across the world, and Donizetti is a contemporary twist on a very traditional style made from 18/10 stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee and dishwasher safe.

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Quick Tips: How to look after your cutlery

  1. Always rinse cutlery after use. Prolonged contact with detergents and certain foods like vinegar and tomato sauce can cause pitting and staining.
  2. Do not leave your cutlery to soak or store in damp conditions. Excess exposure to moisture may cause staining and require polishing.
  3. Do not handwash with wire wool brush or any other abrasive cleaners. This will scratch and damage the cutlery and cause corrosion.
  4. Take good care with knives. Blades have a higer carbon content which makes them more prone to corrosion. Ensure you sharpen the blade regularly to maximise lifespan.
  5. Check cutlery is designed to be washed in a dishwasher. Dishwashers knock the cutlery against each other which results in damage to the blades. The best way to avoid this is by hand washing.
  6. After washing your cutlery (either by hand or in the dishwasher), remove and hand dry as soon as possible. This will prevent staining and ensure the cutlery lasts longer.
  7. Do not mix Silver Plated and Stainless Steel cutlery in the same cycle
  8. Use a wooden or plastic chopping board. These types of board are soft enough to not damage the blade edge and increase the lifespan of your cutlery.

To find out more about this fantastic offer, request a visit from one of our account managers here, or give us a call on 020 8971 2012.

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Donizetti is the very epitome of elegance and beauty, and during October we are giving away completely free, 1 box of 12 pieces for every 2 boxes purchased. As you would expect the range includes more specialist pieces such as Oyster Forks, Latte Spoons and Butter Knives.

(Click to view our full range of Donizetti Cutlery)

This is an amazing offer, and if you would like to see a sample range please call us today on:
020 8971 2012
. But don't wait too long as any orders must be placed by the end of October to qualify.

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