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Featured Product: Smaller Measure Beer Glasses

Get ahead of the game - be the first in your neighbourhood to offer the newest legal beer measurement!

Victory Highball Glass
380mll (13.3oz)

  • 380ml (13.3oz)
  • CE marked at
    2/3rd Pint
  • 290 g
  • Height 16cm (6.2")
  • Diameter 7.6cm (2.9")
  • Pack of 24

Product Code: 65870

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Hougen Stemmed Beer Glass
380ml (13.3oz)

  • 380ml (13.3oz)
  • CE marked at 2/3rd Pint
  • 185 g
  • Height 17.9cm (7")
  • Diameter 7.7cm (3")
  • Pack of 24

Product Code: 63734

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New Legal Beer Measurement – 2/3 Pint

Weights & measures have again been busy in their quest to discourage binge drinking, and the latest initiative to come off the
production line is the all new 2/3 Pint. We think it's a great idea, big enough so that blokes won't be embarrassed by it, and small
enough so that it can be drunk at a reasonable pace without it going flat or getting warm. So the question is what glass do you serve
it in? Well we've made it easy for you with these two stylish glasses, both of which measure a perfect 2/3 pint to the brim!

Manufactured to a high standard as always by Arcoroc, choose either the discerning stemmed Hougen glass, or the contemporary
hiball style Victory glass.

To find out more about our beer glasses, reqest a visit from one of our account managers here, or give us a call on 020 8971 2012.

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