Klaremont work with suppliers from around the world to source the finest glassware available.   We stock a wide range of stemware, tumblers and speciality glassware for all occasions and budgets, from classic through to contemporary designs.  

Whether you require durable and toughened glassware for everyday use in the most demanding environment, or the finest crystal glassware for the most luxurious setting, Klaremont have it all.

  • Wine Glasses
    Wine Glasses
  • Flute & Coupe Glasses
    Flute & Coupe Glasses
  • Goblet Glasses
    Goblet Glasses
  • Highball & Rocks Glasses
    Highball & Rocks Glasses
  • Beer Mugs
    Beer Mugs
  • Beer Glasses Stemmed & Footed
    Beer Glasses Stemmed & Footed
  • Beer Tumblers
    Beer Tumblers
  • Cocktail Glasses
    Cocktail Glasses
  • Shot Glasses
    Shot Glasses
  • Liquer Coffee & Latte Glasses
    Liquer Coffee & Latte Glasses
  • Brandy & Aperitive Glasses
    Brandy & Aperitive Glasses
  • Jugs Glass
    Jugs Glass
  • Glass Carafes
    Glass Carafes
  • Glass Decanters
    Glass Decanters
  • Glass Bottles
    Glass Bottles
  • Milkshake & Ice Cream Glasses
    Milkshake & Ice Cream Glasses