Introducing ‘Domino’, our brand new range of Black & White Polycarbonate drinkware.

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domino polycarbonate drinkware from Klaremont
domino polycarbonate tumbler from Klaremont

Stylish, Durable & Safe

Our range of Domino polycarb drinkware are made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic and are extremely durable and safe. Perfect for bars and nighclubs where the use of glassware is an issue. Great for caterers and events companies who require a more durable option to glassware.

domino polycarbonate drinkware does not cloud like its transparent counterpart

Opaque Design Prevents Clouding

After a period of use and several cycles in the glasswasher, polycarbonate drinkware tends to become scratched and the clear finish becomes cloudy. The opaque black and white finish ensures they will look nicer for a longer period of time.

domino polycarbonate drinkware can be branded with your own logo

Add Your Own Branding

All of our polycarbonate drinkware can be branded and personalised with your own artwork. Whether you want to reinforce your brand or highlight a particluar event, branding is a great marketing tool and can be cheaper than you might think!

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