Personalised & Branded Napkins

Having a logo or some fun text printed on your napkins, can be done fairly quickly, very easily and needn't cost that much more either. Just contact our service team on 020 8971 2012 and let us take care of it for you. The main information we will need from you are details of the text or logo you want to use ( ideally a copy of the artwork), whether you want it in back and white or glorious colour and the position you would like the logo placed on the napkin. You will be probably be surprised at how quick and easy the whole process can be, and the extra cost can be quite small too. The main cost variants are the quantity to be printed ( normally starting from as little as 10 boxes ) and the number of colours in the design. Which is why we will also ask you to estimate your useage per month, so we can decide on the quantity to be printed each time.