Winter Candles

We have picked out some of our favourite candles for when the nights close in, including seasonal scents and choices to add warmth and ambience to your venue.

Winter Candle selection - Lowboy Candles and Candle Lamps From Klaremont

Scented Candles

Smell is arguably the most evocative sense. Let these scented candles lure your customers in with their festive fragrances.

Winter scented candles jars from klaremont Winter scented sleeved candles jars from klaremont

Candle Lamps

We have a fantastic selection of candle lamps including Lowboys, Twilights and Starlights.

Sleeved candles jars from klaremont Lowboy Candle Lamps from klaremont

Candle Holders

Whether you are looking for something rustic, or something thoroughly modern, we have candle holders to suit all budges and tastes.

Wood Effect Candle Holders from klaremont Nkuku Candle Holders from klaremont
Relight Candle Holders and Refills from klaremont

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Tapered and Straight Dinner and Banqueting candles from klaremont

Dinner Candles

Our dinner candles are of the highest quality and are free from impurities, remaining smoke free and burning slowly and evenly.

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Pillar Candles in a variety of sizes and colours from Klaremont

Pillar Candles

Our range of pillar candles is unsurpassed, coming in a wide variety of colours, and range in height from 6cm to a giant 60cm, offering a remarkable 280 hours of use.

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Tealight / Nightlight candles from klaremont

Tealight Candles

From economical tealights to long lasting nightlights, we stock only the best.

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Oil Lamps and liquid candles from Klaremont

Oil Lamps

Oil lamps and cartridges offer an economical and odourless alternative to candles.

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Electric candles and candles holders from klaremont

Electric Candles & Holders

LED Candles are perfect for venues where real flames are prohibited or where safety is a concern. Our LED candles maintain the ambience of a warm flickering flame and can be contained in a wide variety of holders not possible with a wax candle.

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