Tealights and Nightlights

Used everywhere from cafes to clubs, and are suitable for everything from heating scented oils to accent lighting.   

Strictly speaking Tealights (sometimes also written as tea-lights, T-lites and Tea lites) are distinguished from Nightlights by their burning time.  While Tealights have a shorter burning time of 3-5 hours, Nightlights can burn for between 6-10 hours.  Often these terms are used interchangably, Nightlights being referred to as Tealights and vise-versa. Whatever you want to call them, we have 'em!

So what’s so good about ours? Simple. They go on, and on, and on, producing minimal smoke and leaving little residue. Beware of cheap imitations..

Tealights / Nightlight candles from Klaremont
  • Nightlight 10hr  6x2.4cm
    Nightlight 10hr 6x2.4cm
  • Ivory Floating Candle 4.5hr
    Ivory Floating Candle 4.5hr
  • Navy Blue 4hr Nightlight
    Navy Blue 4hr Nightlight
  • Red Nightlight 4hr
    Red Nightlight 4hr
  • Nightlight 4hr
    Nightlight 4hr
  • White Nightlight 6hr
    White Nightlight 6hr
  • White Nightlight 8hr
    White Nightlight 8hr
  • White Nightlight 10-12hr
    White Nightlight 10-12hr
  • Red Plastic Cup 6hr Nightlight
    Red Plastic Cup 6hr Nightlight