Relight Candles – refillable candles and holders

Relight refillable candles and candle holders from Klaremont

Tired of having to scoop wax out of your candle holders? Sick of replacing your Tealights every night? We have the solution - Klaremont relights from Bolsius. Relight candles burn for 24 hours and come in a variety of colours to match different decors. Convenient and easy to reuse, simply replace the refil when finished. No mess, no fuss!

Relight candles are designed to be used with a range of holders made especially to accomodate them. Klaremont stock a variety of styles and colours to choose from, with something to suit your venue. Alternatively, you can use a clear holder and simply replace the refill inside to give a completely different look.

For more information about Relight refillable Candles, please contact our sales team on: 0330 123 9191, or Contact Us to arrange a visit from one of our representatives.

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