To argue the Incandescent light bulb as a “new” innovation in bars and restaurants, would have surely had Thomas Edison turning in his grave. Back in 1878, the great man saw the great potential of the filament light bulb, but perhaps never expected to see them hanging from many a London restaurant roof or protruding from the exposed brick wall of your local bar and club.

Photography taken at Evans & Peel, Detective Agency, 310c Earl's Court Road, London. Visit site.

Filament light bulbs in Evans and Peel detective agency, Earls Court

A Rebirth...

In something of a demonstration of the rebellious nature of restaurant and bar designers, the introduction of the LED bulb in turn lead the charge of restauranteurs towards the most classic, flattering light bulb possible. The Rebirth of the classic shapes and styles of filament light bulbs first took shape in bars and restaurants around New York, but it’s some of London’s most loved restaurants, such as Polpo & Hawksmoore, which saw the vintage bulb gain British notoriety.

Filament light bulbs in Evans and Peel detective agency, Earls Court

Another bright idea!

As more and more venues around London have made the switch to the design-brillance of the vintage filament bulb, a problem has arisen- finding a reliable supplier of replacement bulbs. Klaremont has always had a love for finding those products which our customers say are difficult or annoying to obtain! With this in mind, we’ve heard many of you ask time and time again for a simple, economical supply of Filament bulbs that can be delivered as easily as your Blue Roll.

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