About Bluecosystem

The bluecosystem range of products makes helping the environment a little easier. All of the products in the range are specifically developed to be the best of the best in environmental and human terms, using raw materials derived from sustainable vegetable and mineral sources and incorporating low and sustainable energy processes in their production.

We choose factories that are continually striving to minimise their carbon footprint, by investing in water recycling, and using rainwater and wind turbines in their manufacturing processes. In most cases the goods are made in the UK, substantially reducing the number of “green miles” used getting them from the point of manufacturer to their eventual use.

We are continually expanding and improving the bluecosystem range with the goal of providing complete eco-frienldy solutions for our partners in the hospitality industry.

BluE Cleaning Products

BluE Cleaning Products replace synthetic detergents with naturally derived ingredients and boosting agents such as Orange oil wherever possible. These natural ingredients are highly effective at cutting through grease and sanitizing surfaces. Our soap contains Aloe Vera, widely known to be gentle on the skin with proven healing properties and our toilet cleaner is completely natural and scented with apple.

We insist that all bluecosystem cleaning products must be fully and quickly biodegradable, and should have minimal harmful effects both on the environment and on those who use them. Consequently the Glasswash, Dishwash and Rinse Aid contain new green sequestrants which means improved faster biodegradability when compared with their regularly used counterparts. The hazard rating on these products has also been reduced from corrosive to irritant, which means that they are safer to use and better for the environment when they go down the drains. Even completely natural products can be irritants, so we are especially proud at being able to offer these much safer alternatives, which are just about as green as you can get whilst still ensuring effective cleaning results.

BluE Tableware and Kitchenware

We source these products from manufacturers using sustainably managed forests and incorporating post-consumer waste, to minimise their environmental impact. At the same time, we insist that these products don't sacrifice quality, appearance, or durability.

Our BluE Richlite Boards utilise a combination of sustainable materials from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources and post-consumer waste which is pressed together and baked to form solid sheets. These boards are exceptionally tough, and staining and cracking. At the same time, our BluE Richlite Boards are knife-friendly, as the surface will score slightly to protect knife edges.

Bluecosystem: the best of the best, better for the environment and better for you.