Wikeeps Wine Preservation System

Wikeeps is uniquely compatible with both cork and screw cap bottles, allowing you to offer your customers a much wider choice of wines by the glass without worrying about them being past their best.

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'The Wikeeps system allowed us to serve an Imperial of Chateau Guiraud by the Glass during a world premiere. This has helped us develop and increase the sales and consumption whilst keeping our wines in perfect condition. Wikeeps not only preserves the wines but also is a perfect way to serve. A huge success ! - Château Guiraud, Premier Grand cru classé en 1855 de Sauternes.'

'Wikeeps enabled our outlets to increase their sales of Great Wines and to diminish our wine tasting costs. Wikeeps combines the advantages of presenting an economical asset, together with an optimal preservation capacity, in view of respecting both our Wines and our Clientele - Association of the Prestige Cellars of Saint-Emilion.'

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Wikeeps Essential Pack

The Wikeeps Essential Pack includes all pieces that are essential for operating Wikeeps, allowing you to preserve your wines for up to 20 days. Simply add your choice of cartridges

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wikeeps service pack contents

Wikeeps Service Pack

The Service Pack allows you to convert more bottles, without the cost of buying additional pistol grips

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Wikeeps Accessories Pack

The Accessories Pack includes spare and replacement parts for your Wikeeps Essential and Service Packs

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Wikeeps Xtra Balance Cartridges

Xtra Balance Cartridges - For Red and Sweet White Wines

Extra Balance cartridges are formulated with 79% Argon and 21% Carbon Dioxide, the ideal mix to conserve red and sweet white wines.

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Wikeeps Extra Fresh Cartridges For Rose and Dry White Wines

Xtra Fresh Cartridges - For Rose and Dry White Wines

Wikeeps Xtra Fresh Cartridges are formulated with a mix of 70% Argon and 30% Carbon Dioxide,the perfect mix to conserve the aromas and taste of rose and dryer white wines.

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