Barware training

Bar Skills & Cocktail Training Services

Klaremont are now pleased to offer training sessions for bartenders with any level of experience. The service can be tailor made to suit your needs and will be designed to maximise the potential of the wet sales in your venue. Courses are arranged into three tiers:

Training is recommended for a maximum of ten people at any one time. Sessions can now be booked via the Klaremont sales team. Training will be conducted by a veteran of the bar trade with ten years experience of bartending and management of a very high standard. Please contact the sales team at Klaremont to find out more about the service.

General bar skills & customer service.
Basic cocktail history & development.
Entry level mixology.
Progressive bar skills & customer interaction.
Detailed cocktail history & beverage manufacturing methods.
Contemporary mixology.
Advanced bar techniques & customer specific mixology.
Understanding cocktail methodology & infusion / masceration techniques.
Molecular mixology.


If you are interested in updating your Bar training, please leave your name and email address below. For a faster response, leave your phone number as well.